The goal of this foundation is to:
Contribute as best as we can to the transition into a sustainable society specifically by promoting and teaching permaculture. And by professionalising permaculture in areas where Dutch is a commonly used language.
The Foundation for Permaculture Education helps people to develop ‘eco-literacy’ including observational skills. We do this in courses and lectures, in co-operations and in educational materials such as (translated) permaculture books. permalogo01
The word permaculture comes from permanent (sustainable) culture/agriculture.
Permaculture is a multidisciplinairy design science based in ethics. The goal of permaculture is: meeting human needs while increasing ecosystem health.
Three ethical principles help us achieve this goal: earth care, people care, fair shares. Permaculture also works with design principles that are based on patterns observed in nature. Nature has billions of years of Research & Development. With these patterns found in nature we can design ecosystems and economies that can keep existing. Our life and economy are not seperated from ecological reality. Permaculture principles can be applied at any scale. If you like to contact us please see the contact page. Maranke Spoor Lucas Brouns